Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer / Editor / Animator

A Palestinian-Canadian, born and raised in Jordan, Annie is an independent filmmaker and photojournalist. She seeks long-form narrative with a focus on women’s issues, identity, and social justice. Her first short documentary Hollie’s Dress (46 festivals, 15 awards), had its World Premiere at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2020 and was created in collaboration with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Awards include the Golden Sheaf Award at Yorkton Film Festival, Canada Life Best Short Documentary at Forest City Film Festival, and Award of Excellence at Canada Shorts Film Festival. Her photographic work is published in media, including The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Walrus Magazine, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, NBC News, and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Annie is a member of Boreal Collective and Women Photograph and is represented by Middle East Images.

Link to Annie's portfolio:

Producer / Writer

Paul Lee specializes in producing first short and feature films for new and emergent filmmakers, as well as human rights/social justice films, environmental films, women's films, gender issues films, LGBTQ films and Asian films.  In addition to producing films, Paul also curates museum exhibitions and prepares programming for film festivals around the world.  Paul also makes his own films: Berlin-premiered THICK LIPS THIN LIPS (1994, 200+ festivals, 8 awards), Sydney-premiered THESE SHOES WEREN'T MADE FOR WALKING (1995, 150 festivals, 6 awards), Berlin-premiered THE OFFERING (1999, 500+ festivals, 72 awards).  Paul was educated at the University of Toronto (Hon.B.Sc. in Biology/Anthropology/Latin American Studies, M.A. in Anthropology, PhD in Education) and York University (M.B.A. in Marketing and Arts & Media Administration, and M.F.A. in Film Production), and divides his time making and producing films in San Francisco and Toronto.  Paul was the producer on Flying Paper (, an inspiring feature-length documentary on Gaza youth. Paul was also producer on Annie's first film, Hollie's Dress.

Link to Paul's IMDb


Born in Amman 1983. Tareq has started his journey with Oud at the age of 11 when he joined the preparatory section in the Jordan Academy for Music. Taught by many Jordanian and Arab Oud Masters.
In 2007, Tareq finished his first BA in Chemical Engineering from Jordan university for Science and Technology. He was awarded a scholarship from the Greater Amman Municipality to complete his BA in music performance on Cello at the National Music Conservatory. In 2009, he was ranked the second in the International Oud competition held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik/Lebanon.  In 2013, he got a special prize from Mugam festival in Azerbaijan. In 2015, he got the 2nd prize from International Mugam Contest. Tareq conducted, composed and played with many bands.Moreover, he has many compositions and studies for the Oud as well as compositions for the eastern ensemble (Takht), music for plays, children’s songs and music for TV shows. He released four Albums; Terhaal, Music from Amman, Melodies from my Childhood and Sowar. 2013, Tareq finished his MA in Music Education from University of Jordan.He represented Jordan and participated in many music festivals in Jordan and abroad.

Link to Tareq Jundi’s portfolio:

Calligrapher / Designer / Teacher

Hussein Alazaat is a multi-disciplinary designer, instructor, Arabic calligraphy artist, and typography enthusiast from Jordan. He founded ALAZAAT Design Studio in Amman and offered his services to various clients in diverse industries around the world. Hussein focuses on the research as a tool to empower his belief in Arabic letters utilization in brands and products; he also emphasizes a contemporary treatment in his typographic art projects.
He received his first inspiration from children's books and magazines, and was influenced by the late Egyptian designer and artist Mohieddien El-Labbad, And in his design space in Amman, he is accumulating a vital chronicle of Arab publications and rare prints, the collection serves the purpose of archiving and sharing knowledge’s aspirations.
Through the past years, Hussein has conducted several workshops in calligraphy and design, and lectured for schools and universities in Jordan and abroad. He also exhibited his projects and artworks in various Art galleries and International design events.  
In 2012, he co-founded 'Wajha', a social/cultural/design initiative to help small businesses and shop owners who are in need of free-of-charge branding works for their shops. And by the beginning of 2018,
Hussein graduated from Amman Graphic Arts School and earned a Graphic Design Diploma from London Art College via distance learning.

Link to Hussein Alazaat’s portfolio

Music and Narration Consultant

Lara is a Jordanian Education and Music specialist/consultant who has worked in London, Dubai, and Amman for the last twenty years. After heading a music department in private schools in London and Dubai, she moved back to Jordan in 2015 and ventured into the world of Radio and Podcasts. 
Founder of A Troubadour Woman podcast, Lara decided to explore her relationship as a female artist to the Music of Sayed Darwish, Um Kulthum, Ziad Rahbani, and many other artists. Her First episode explored the relationship between Islamic culture/Quran and its effects on Western classical music, tracing back the origins of instruments like the Piano, Guitar, and Bag Pipes to Eastern, Persian and Egyptian roots. 
A graduate of Reading University (UK) (1998), Trinity College of Music (1999), and the University of Roehampton (2019), Lara was able to combine her knowledge about how children and adults learn with her skills and knowledge of Music, Film, Art, and culture in curating various programs, films and lately she was commissioned by the national carrier of Jordan ‘Royal Jordanian’ to produce their theme flight anthem.

Link to Lara Darwaza's portfolio:

Illustration Consultant / Illustrator

Christine Hardman’s work is informed by everyday interactions with people. She draws her inspiration from those who make their living in a sustainable way using traditional, often forgotten crafts. This motivates her interest in rescuing old and curious objects, which she feels carry within them memories of the lives they’ve been part of. This inspires her illustration practice as she seeks to personify the lifeforce held within these objects through anthropomorphic character development. Christine also draws her inspiration from the moods of nature, which are for her metaphors of emotion. When drawing, she uses a variety of mediums including pencils, paint, print, oil pastel and 3-dimensional work. 

Link to Christine Mary Hardman’s portfolio:

Voice Coach and Healing Through Music

Born in Gaza, Palestinian-Jordanian-Polish musician, choir conductor, opera player and singer, Dr. Hafez Al-Ashi specializes in music therapy. He completed his Bachelor and Masters degrees from Jan Paderewski Higher University in Poland. Since graduation in 1990, Dr. Hafez worked at the National Conservatory of Music in Jordan, and the Jordanian Academy of Music, before moving on to work at Al-Safsaf Center for Psychological Rehabilitation where he’s been for the past 18 years.
Dr. Hafez was born into a musical family. His father worked as a musician and composer with legendary musicians like Farid al-Atrash, Abdel-Wahhab, Muhammad al-Hafnawi, Farouk Salama, Muhammad Rushdi, Fayda Kamel, Souad Muhammad, Alia al-Tunisia, Najah Salam, Fahd Ballan, Muharram Fouad, and others. Furthermore, he completed his apprenticeship with renowned musicians like Fouad Al-Bizri, Abdul Hamid Meshaal, Kamal Al-Alimi, Muhammad Al-Arabi, and other Arab and European musicians.

Sound Design and Sound Mix. Owner of Dudley Scott Audio Post Group

Scott McCrorie is known for his work on over 60 films and more than 60 television series. He is a 35-year-old veteran in audio and post-production, and is the alpha Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Editor, and Re-recording Mixer at Dudley Scott Audio Post Group that specializes in superior audio post production for award winning quality animation, live action television, and film.
Sound Engineer, Owner of X-10-tion studios

Kassim is a natural talent with over 20 years of experience in the music domain. Being an X singer during his 20s and a music composer and arranger, Kassim was able to collect a modest experience in video directing and became a director for various projects like documentaries and video clips. Throughout the years, Kassim succeeded in the production area, lead a team, and directed them throughout various successful projects.

Link to Kassim Sabounchi Portfolio

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