In memory of my grandfather Jacob, my grandmother Anastasia,
my father Yousef, my uncle Elias، and my aunt Argentine Sakkab.

To my mother, Raida Touma, and my siblings, Jack, Dima, and George Sakkab.

To all mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters who resist occupation and ethnic cleansing.

To my Palestinian ancestors who planted the seeds of our trees, our oranges, and our groves.

Production Company
B707 Productions

A Film by
Annie Sakkab

Directed by
Annie Sakkab

Written and Produced by
Annie Sakkab and Paul Lee

Director of Photography and Editor
Annie Sakkab

Music Composed by
Tareq Jundi

Calligraphy and Title Design by
Hussein Alazaat

Sound Design and Sound Mix by
Scott McCrorie

Sound Engineer
Kassim Sabounchi

Narration Recorded at
X-10-tion Studios

Music and Narration Consultant
Lara Darwazah

Voice Coach and Healing Through Music
Dr. Hafez Al Ashi

Illustration Consultant and Illustration of Butterflies
Christine Mary Hardman

Still Photographer
Annie Sakkab

Illustration and Animation
Annie Sakkab

Ken Macneil

Calligraphy Instructor
Hussein Alazaat

Creative Post

Camera Equipment
Alaa Najaar

Camera Assistants
Michael Sakkab and Hanna Sakkab

Production Fixer / Bethlehem
Marwan Fararjeh

Andrew Ku

Accommodation / Bethlehem
Dar Sitti Aziza, Bethlehem

Young Girl
Celina Sakkab

Young Boy
Hanna Sakkab

Narration and Poem Singing
Annie Sakkab

نحن  قوم أبيونا
Featured Poem “We Are A Proud Nation”
خليل السكاكيني
Khalil Al-Sakakini

Poem Translation to English
Paul Lee and Annie Sakkab

Arabic Language Consultant and Editor
Aida Wakileh

Translation of Narration to Arabic
Annie Sakkab and Ward Wakileh

Script Editor
Paul Lee

“We Are a Proud Nation” POEM MUSIC

Poem Tune is most probably attributed to the poet and teacher Khalil Al-Sakakini when he sang
the poem to his students at  An-Nahda College in Jerusalem prior to Al Nakba and occupation.

The Director, Annie Sakkab, recreated the tune from memory in collaboration with
the Oud player Tareq Jundi.

Archive Film Footage and Photos
United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East

Archive images of Khalil Al-Sakakini

Photograph of Khalil Al-Sakakini in front of An-Nahda College
British Mandate Jerusalemites Photo Library
Source: Salim Tamari

Photograph of Khalil Al-Sakakini at his home
Source: Peter George Sakakini

Family Archive footage Courtesy of
Raeda Touma

Uncle Elias Voice Recording Courtesy of
George Sakkab

”The Poem We Sang“ Original Music
Tareq Jundi
Late Night Waltz
Sama’i Arab
Al Mayya

Unknown Singers
Ya Zareef El Tool
Special Thanks to
Toronto Palestine Film Festival
Amanda Boulos
Ahlam Hassan
Dania Majid

Local Pals Residency Mentors
b.h. Yael
John Greyson
Kamal Al Jafari
Mike Hoolboom
Nasrin Hamada
Reem Morsi
Richard Fung
Simon M. Benedict

Trinity Square Video
Andrew Cormey
Milada Kovacova

National Film board of Canada
Sherien Barsoum
Adrianna Marling

for your invaluable advice and support

Thank You to Our Supporters
Amanda Boulos
Toronto Palestine Film Festival

Milada Kovacova
Trinity Square Video

A. M. Qattan Foundation

Q'mal Labad-Workman
National Film Board of Canada

Emily Gregory
Canada Council for the Arts

Jason Ryle
Toronto Arts Council

Special Thanks to
Peter George Sakakini

Marwan Baghdadi, UNRWA

Paul Lee
for your unwavering mentorship

Hafez Al Ashi
Hussain Alazaat
Lara Darwazah
Tareq Jundi
For your continuous support

Nadine Toukan
Mahmoud Abu Hashhash
Lamis Shalaldeh
Edith Champagne
Christine Mary Hardman
Tamara Abu Laban
Kathy Wazana
Ahmad Humeid
Salua Qidan
Lisa Murzin
Aida Wakileh
Nabil Rishmawi
Elida Zaghmout
Marlene Al Atrash Abdallah
Suhail Abualsameed
Sameh HIjjawi
Tanya Attiyeh
Mazen Daqaq
Ahlam Daqaq
Bilal Hijjawi
Rula Wardeh
Shama Kaur

Special Thanks to
My mother Raeda Touma
 for your unconditional love and support

My brother Jack and his family Luma, Joe, Yazan، and Celina

My brother George and their family Rula, Michael، and Hanna

My sister Dima and her family Paolo, Shirin، and Josephine

My Uncles and Aunts
Nabil Sakkab
Sister Despina Touma
Subhi Touma
Sabah Touma
Sameer Touma
Sami Touma
Raed Touma
Samer Touma
for your love and support throughout

Recipient of Development, Production and
Post-Production grants from
Toronto Palestine Film Festival (Local Pals Residency),
in partnership with Trinity Square Video,
and the generous support of Zatoun / Beit Zatoun and Anonymous Donors

A. M. Qattan Foundation - “Herakat” Grant 2022

National Film Board of Canada - Filmmakers Assistance Program

Canada Council for the Arts

Toronto Arts Council

The Poem We Sang​​​​​​​

© Annie Sakkab / B707 Productions Inc.  2023 
All rights reserved

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